Friday, June 15, 2012

Santos pide that Newmont withdrew

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Source: Diario la Primera Peru

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After the sixteenth day of an indefinite strike against the mining project Conga, regional president of Cajamarca, Gregory Santos, demanded that Newmont mining company withdraws from Cajamarca, while the Bishop of Cajamarca called rationality in the protests.


"There are a people's calls 16 days to withdraw from Cajamarca Newmont claiming to be left in peace to a region because they obtained the grant of a draft illegally taking advantage of the corruption and the mafia of the APRA government," said Santos .

 Idelso Hernandez, president of the United Front for the Defense of Cajamarca, demanded the freedom of three leaders arrested in Gauteng and one in Chota before which called for unity and called on the 13 provinces of Cajamarca to join the protests. 

The Bishop of Cajamarca, Monsignor Carmelo Martinez asked the leadership of Sutep act rationally to resume school classes. For his part, Monsignor Bambaren regretted that due to political interests jeopardize the school year of children.

 As is known the United Workers Union of Education in Peru (SUTEP), joined the protest of the Conga mining project which began on May 31, although it was noted that today the leadership of the union decided to end the strike but affect the school through the end of this year even that was not defined.

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